DMT or Double Mini Tramp is a dynamic and exciting sport in its own right. Combining the aerial somersaulting and twisting of Trampolining, with the speed, power and agility of Gymnastics, the sport lends itself to an amazing variety of body types.

 We are Londons leading Double Mini Tramp Club and the only London Club competing DMT at Elite level.

The DMT is like two mini tramps/trampettes that have been joined in the middle. The first section of the apparatus is set at a slight angle and called the mount. From the mount, skills are performed onto the second section of the apparatus. This second section is called the spotter and is where skills can be performed back onto the tramp bed or as a dismount onto the landing mat.

Double Mini Trampoline can be likened to a combination of Athletics, Trampolining and Gymnastics. Competitors run down a  track and jump onto the apparatus before performing two skills including a dismount onto to a landing mat. Ex-Gymnasts with a vault background take quickly to this discipline!

 DMT competitions have four passes, two in the preliminary round and then two in the final round for the top 8.