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As and when we’re asked common questions we share them here. Hopefully, between this list and the rest of the site we’ve been able to answer most queries you may have surrounding our club. If not, please feel free to contact us (phone, email, online form, or write) – full details on our Contact Us page.

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Where do you train and how do I get there?

Under the ‘About Us’ menu is a link to our ‘Where we train’ pages. From there you can get full address details and directions from your postcode.

What are the training times and days?

Our sessions are:

Monday   Session 1 - 6-00-7.30 pm                          Session 2 - 7.30-9 .00 pm

Tuesday   Session 1 - 6-00-7.30 pm                          Session 2 - 7.30-9 .00 pm

Thursday Session 1 - 6-00-7.45 pm                           Session 2 – 7.45-9.30 pm

Saturday  10.00 – 12.00 (term Time only at present)


Do you train all year round?

All classes are closed for ALL UK bank holidays.. We also shut for a two week break over Christmas and New Year and for two weeks during the summer. 

School summer holidays we run reduced sessions,

All Saturday classes run term time only, and are closed during school holidays.
All other classes run throughout the year (including school holidays).

How are classes structured?

You can attend as many or as few sessions as you wish. You will obviously make more progress and progress faster if you attend more than one session per week!

Do I need any previous experience?

No. We accept all ability levels from complete novice to National and International level at all ages. We also accept people of all ages with disabilities but please contact us first.

Do you run adult classes, and is there an upper age limit?

We do not run specific adult sessions but adults are always made welcome at all session (most adults attend session 2’s).

Do I have to enter competitions?

No. Although London Trampoline Academy is a competitive club, and we expect all members to compete for the club WHEN THEY ARE READY, it is not compulsory. This expectation only applies to under 16’s.

Adults are welcome to jump competitively or recreationally.

Although we are a competitive club, competing is not compulsory and you will be made to feel welcome within the club whether you choose to become involved in competitions or not. We understand that individuals have various reasons for becoming involved in trampolining which is why we try to provide something for everyone, running both recreational and competitive classes.

Invitation into competitive groups is at the discretion of the coaching team. Individuals in these groups will be expected to make a more serious commitment to trampolining, such as increased training time and ensuring availability for competition dates. Competitive members will be encouraged to participate in any competitions that will be beneficial to them depending on readiness and confidence, which will be agreed between the coach and trampolinist.

What is the minimum starting age for trampoline? What age do you accept children from?

We currently accept gymnasts from 4 years with a parent or carer in attendance.

What is Double Mini Trampoline (DMT)?

Double Mini Tramp (DMT) is a cross between the  Gymnastics Trampette and the Trampoline. London Trampoline Academy compete regularly  in DMT events. We offer Double Mini tramp  competitively at all grades up to National Level.    The club has had numerous qualifiers and medalists at the DMT British National Finals.

We currently run our DMT classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and support all ages and ability, however, given the nature of the apparatus, we recommend that gymnasts wanting to train Competitive DMT should be able to perform at least a front and back somersault on trampoline but we allow absolute beginners to have short training sessions.

Do I have to enter competitions?

Competition entry fees are the responsibility of the competitor. They vary according to the nature of the event. Members will be informed of entry fees for each event as appropriate.

Can I pay on a ‘pay as you go’ basis?

Unfortunately we cannot support ‘pay as you go’ payments other than as one offs or under exceptional circumstances or for Saturday only sessions. 

We aim to keep fees down. However, this is a resource dependant sport and we also need to keep numbers down. We aim to have a maximum of 5 jumpers on junior trampolines and 3-4 on senior trampolines.

Fees are based on an annual calculation divided by 12 months. We therefore ask for fees to be paid monthly by standing order. The only exception to this is if you ONLY attend Saturday sessions (see below)

For most people one session per week will be £28 per month but there are reductions for some categories of member.

All new members join for a 3 session probationary period after which you may be invited to join as full members

You will need to also join British gymnastics (for insurance purposes). This is shown on our fees structure 

What should I wear to training sessions? Do I have to wear a leotard?

Gymnasts can wear shorts and t-shirt, or leotard and shorts. Tracksuit bottoms and leggings are also acceptable. Clean socks/trampoline/DMT foot covering must be worn whilst on the trampoline/DMT (not socks worn all day). Leotards are encouraged.

In colder weather, please remember to wear suitable clothes for warm up i.e. tracksuit bottoms, club hoody or similar.

We expect all participants to have changed their clothing from day wear for the session.

We ask ALL performers to wear shoes/crocs/spare socks or other appropriate foot covering when not actually on the trampolines to save taking dirt from the floor onto the trampolines.

Performers doing DMT should change socks or wear DMT shoes for the same reasons. Also, please ensure that you bring a second pair of socks or trampoline shoes if participating in both trampolining and DMT. Two disciplines, two pairs of clean foot covering.

JEANS/TROUSERS OR SHORTS WITH PROMINENT BUTTONS/SEAMS OR WITH ZIPS OR any item which could conceivably damage the trampoline or injure participants spotters or coaches ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE TRAMPOLINES. Track suit (fashion wear) with metal tags/ zipper endings etc. are also forbidden.

Jewellery and piercings must be removed.

Every 4 weeks, for one training week, all competition classes will train in competition clothing (leotard only – no shorts for girls, and leotard and whites for boys).

When and how are training fees payable?

Training fees are paid on a monthly basis, spread over 12 months via direct transfer into the club bank account. There is an Annual Club Membership fee, October – October  (including British Gymnastics memberships) of £41

How much does it cost? Is there a joining fee?

That all depends on how many hours a week you train and whether you are a Member, a Development Member or an Elite/Elite Development Member. 

We’ve developed a training matrix which supports those who are committed to training and working towards higher competition standards. For full details, take a look at the ‘Times and Prices’ page under the ‘About Us’ menu link. 

There is an annual club membership fee which includes British Gymnastics membership. The membership year begins on the 1st October and for 2013/2014, is set at £41

If you wish to see further details of the insurance policy and the benefits of British Gymnastics membership, please follow the link:

Can my child attend a taster session before committing the club?

We welcome anyone to attend one free taster session before committing to training with the club regularly. Come along to meet our coaches, talk to other members about the club and decide if you like what we have to offer.

If we’ve not been able to answer your question, please feel free to get in touch.

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